A Few of My (Random) Favorite Things

September 21, 2015

Nothing much is new here – quiet weekend. Having some contractions but all Braxton Hicks, no pain, so just lots of water and resting. I’m 35 weeks TODAY. Amazing. The fact that I made it to this point is really a bit of a miracle in itself.

So a few random things for today:


I entered a photo of Bella’s first day at school on the Oak Meadow (the curriculum we use) “Homeschooling is…” contest. It’s of her and our bearded dragon Dart. I would love for you to vote for it! All you need to do is click here, like the photo, and you’re done.


1Essential Oils101 Header

Three of us are hosting an Essential Oils 101 class on FB tonight, and I would LOVE for you guys to join us. It’s at 8pm MST, we’ll be giving away a couple of fun, oil related products, and there is no pressure to do anything but read and learn as we post. So RSVP, grab some wine or tea, put on your PJ’s, and hop on FB¬†tonight for different ways we use essential oils in our lives.


Turn on the sound and watch till the end, because this is the best cat video ever. That is all.


  • Caroline Craigie

    September 22, 2015 at 12:26 am

    Hi Diana,

    I found a comment today that I sent you a year ago when I was pregnant with my twins urging you not to give up hope of having a baby and here you are on the verge of just that! My girls Liv and Orlaith are one on 17th October and how so much has changed in that time for us all, no matter what continent or time zone. Love and best wishes for a safe and positive delivery and for a future filled with hope for you, Sam, Bella and Charlotte xx

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