Weekend Getaway

September 13, 2015

This weekend we headed up to Truth or Consequences, NM for an overnight stay. No reason other than to just get out for a while, see something new, and take (hopefully!) one last trip as our family of three. Plus Charlie, who came with us too.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (1 of 7)

Truth or Consequences is only about 2 hours up the road from us, but we’ve only been there while passing through to Colorado. Each time we stopped for lunch or dinner at our favorite restaurant, Happy Belly Deli, which I found out closed for good earlier this year. :/

This time, we stopped about a half hour outside of T or C in Hatch. Hatch is known (everywhere) for its chiles and this is the time of year they are the very best. Last week was the Chile Festival that we keep talking about going to and then missing each year. We stopped at a restaurant called The Pepper Pot and I had what was, hands down, the best red chile over green chile rellenos I’ve ever had in my life.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (2 of 7)

After that, we went to our hotel. Bella saw the phone on the table and immediately asked if it was the kind I’d used when I was little. Indeed. Then she proceeded to pick it up and place the bottom part on her ear with the top part on her head. It was all I could do not to die laughing as I tried to show her how to use it. She kept asking, “What are all these buttons? Why are there two bumps on this phone? What does it need a cord for? Is it being charged? What’s that noise inside – it’s beeping! WHY IS IT BEEPING?” I told her they were connected to the walls when we were little and it blew her mind. “How did you call people? Did they live in the next room?”

Truth or Consequences 2015 (3 of 7)

So now I kind of have a glimpse of how my future will be as I get older. 😉

That evening we went to Elephant Butte (yes, I call it Butt in my head because I am 12) Lake. It’s gorgeous. We wanted to scout out some places to camp next year.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (4 of 7)

Bella threw rocks and dug for tiny clams, Charlie wandered up and down the shore. Sam tried out skipping rocks on the water as we counted and got up to 10 skips in a row. I think my record is two. Maybe. We found a clam with both shells attached and Bella was sorely disappointed there were no “sea pearls” inside.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (5 of 7)

Then, completely exhausted, we went to a Denny’s next to our hotel. I’d planned for us to go to one of the many fun places to eat there but my hips were hurting so bad that I just wanted to have dinner and collapse in bed. It was a good decision because Sam and Bella decided to use the hotel pool right after for the hour it was still open.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (6 of 7)

We’d been a bit nervous taking Charlie, but he was incredible. He never made a sound in the car, or the hotel, and when he had to be kenneled in his bed, he just went to sleep. We took him out as often as we could, so that night he was exhausted. Then the next morning we woke up, head breakfast, and headed home.

Truth or Consequences 2015 (7 of 7)

And that was our weekend. Now I’m home getting ready for our second week of homeschool, Girl Scouts tomorrow, doctors appointments Wednesday (34 weeks tomorrow!), and co-op on Thursday. It’s busy, but it’s nice to have things to do as Charlotte’s appearance gets closer.


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  • Caroline S. Ross

    September 15, 2015 at 3:25 am

    This is such a joyful post! I could feel the fun through your words and your pictures.

  • Kelli Brindley Hepner

    September 14, 2015 at 1:07 am

    I read Elephant Butt too!! Its just hard not too!! Hahaha and not to make light of California's situation at all but everytime I read about the Butte fire my 12 yr old brain thinks…"California's Butt is on fire"

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