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February 3, 2016

So this past month I’ve been pretty quiet for a few reasons. First – my blog was down for nearly two weeks. Don’t ask me why, I know but I’m certainly not going to be able to explain it because I don’t know that well. I just know that it was down.

Second, I’ve been dealing with a cranky, fussy Charlotte. I think it’s teething but again – I don’t really know that either. (see the theme here?) Bella didn’t get teeth until she was a year old and then four at once without an issue. She never drooled, no hands in the mouth – so this is all unusual to me.

Third. Oh third. I’ve started a new venture. It’s been a year in the works but it’s finally up and ready. Last year I became a member of Young Living Oils. Now WAIT – before you roll your eyes and think, “Oh my gosh, noooooo…” because we all know that dear person who can’t post anything without an oil reference, hear me out.

I was a skeptic. I thought it was stupid. And when I joined, I had no idea what I was doing or how anything would make a difference. And then shortly after, I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte. Then I realized I couldn’t take any meds because of what happened with Kaden.  So I used oils after first tri. Sparingly, researching what I could about things I could use when I was sick, or exhausted, or my head was pounding, or I seriously couldn’t bear to smell any food ever.

I’m not saying oils worked magic. But I made it to full term with a healthy baby for the first time, with hyperemesis again – after four pregnancies. I know this was due to a combination of things but part of that combo was no meds + using oils.

“Thanks but I just want my hands.” ? A photo posted by Diana Stone (@dianawrote) on

During the past few months, my friends Nicole from Mommy Moxie and Tamar at Ode to Story joined up to start a blog and social media where we could write and create a place for the more holistic side of our lives. We’ve worked really hard to make a space that reflects our hearts and talents.

Tangerines and Thyme
Tangerines & Thyme was born.

We’re launching with a giveaway, a blog, and a peek into our days on Instagram (today is my day!). Tonight Tamar will be showing you what happens when you order a starter kit – what oils are in it, how to figure everything out. Tune in for her unboxing on Periscope at 7:30pm PST @TAMARMEKREDIJIAN.

I’m so very excited to share this part of my life with you all. We’ll be blogging over there as well as sharing videos and our favorite products that make life a little healthier.

Lastly – if you are reading this and wanting to jump in, we have a promotion going on for our oils kit this month. You get everything featured below with your choice of diffuser (the DewDrop is pictured), 10% off the kit, plus we will pay your shipping and taxes up to $20.

And you get to be a part of our team. We would really love that.

You can click below to get started – the site will guide you through the process of becoming a member with us. Questions? Check out our FAQ page on Tangerines & Thyme.

February 2016 Kit Promo2 Diana
Ok so anyway – back to life on the blog here. I’m going to try to start writing a bit more on here now that the site is working again. Everything is fine with us, Charlotte turned 3 months ( on the 28th and I still haven’t taken a picture. Bella and I have been working on her reading during our homeschool time. Sam and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage this week.

That makes me feel super old you guys. I try to remind myself that’s what happens when you get married at 19. You get super old super fast.

hahahahaha 😉

Life is a little crazy but right now it’s really, really good.



P.S. Don’t forget to join us on Periscope tonight to see what an essential oil starter kit looks like! xo



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