Three and a Half Months

February 18, 2016

I’m 3 1/2 months postpartum.

My hair is falling out. Any day now I expect to be bald.

I’ve lost my brain. I can’t remember anything at all anymore. I have lists all over. Evernote has become my best friend, and since it syncs from my phone to my computer I depend on it for everything. It’s the best feeling to be able to brain dump on my phone as my day goes along, then sit down in the evening with my laptop and have all those little check marks waiting for me.

So many people (my husband included) have been so patient with me these past months. Sometimes I’ll get up and start walking with a determination in my step to do something and midway think, “Wait, where am I going?”


Postpartum (physically and some mentally) has been a hard adjustment, but it’s getting easier. I’ve always told myself to hang onto new changes for three months. That’s usually what it takes for me to feel comfortable with a major life change – from a job to a different routine. I even told myself that after losing the boys – if I can make it three months I might feel like there’s some hope after that.

I love our little life right now. It’s crazy busy but oh so wonderful. It’s strange to feel pretty content – I know there will always be ups and downs but it’s nice to enjoy this.

On that note – here’s some Instagrammed cute for you guys:

Hahahahahahaha ?❤️ #lifewithkitties

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