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January 10, 2017

I’ve always loved elephants. When Bella was tiny she called them “Mums” because that’s how she made their noise. So when I was pregnant with Kaden, I made his theme everything elephant. Blankets, bins, sheets, clothing – it was all little (mostly) gray elephants. 

Now anytime I see them, I think of him. 

Today Char went in for her checkup at the pediatrician we’ve been to since we moved here. It’s a big office. Several doctors. Probably at least 15 patient rooms. With Bella I’ve been in several different ones even with our same Dr. 

But today I realized when I bring Charlotte, we always get the same room. 

She’s only been 3 maybe 4 times, but as we waited today I again saw this elephant on the wall and it hit me that we end up in this room each appointment with her. 

I thought that was pretty crazy. 

When the Dr came in, I brought up Kaden and his heart/ciHHV6 since I list that on her forms. Although I’d briefly said what happened before, the Dr. took notes and even came back to ask where Kaden had been in Dallas. It was nice to talk about him – like I do Char or Bella at those appointments. 

Then Char snuggled for more than a second (which is rare – she’s very affectionate but it’s brief because she’s just ever.so.busy on her new walking legs ?) so I took a pic to send to Sam. This was her while she was still happy. After the appointment – well. 



  • Kristin @ In Between the Piles

    January 10, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    I saw an elephant design essential oil pendant on Etsy tonight & thought of you. Then this email was in my inbox. I love that you’ve gotten that room, with Char’s big brother watching out for her at her appointments. ??

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