Gone Fishing

January 12, 2017

Today we took the girls to a lake. Sam and Bella have their own poles, a few months ago we bought some camping/outdoor gear and until it warms up, our practice runs for setting up a camp are short and in town. 

We did one night in a tent in our old backyard and were woefully unprepared. I went in at 10 to my bed, Char never made it out of her crib, and Sam and Bella came in around 3am freezing. 

Baby steps. 

We did a dinner picnic together. Grilled up hot dogs. Opened our cooler full of stuff from the house. It was fun for them – fun for me too but maybe a bit less as my time was spent mainly corralling Charlotte (who know knows she can walk and insists on walking) and feeding her as fast as possible since each pause was a sign of me never feeding her again ? and assuring Charlie that we were there and everything was ok. 

He’s the perfect dog for us. 90% anxiety and 10% snuggle. 

It wasn’t a perfect day. We had some tough moments with each other before we left. A bit tense on the way there. But we’re learning how to all be with each other and really be with each other. I hope one day Bella and Char look back at these times with good, and realistic, memories of their childhood. We’re trying ❤


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