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The Differences

August 22, 2017

Today Bella was sick.


Kind of sick. She ran a low fever this morning, said her stomach hurt. Char has had an upset stomach the past two days so I figured it went with it. She seemed fine once we got up, but I thought of how many times I’ve heard some of my friends plea to keep sick kids home so medically fragile little ones don’t end up catching something from siblings or relatives, and I called her absence in.

So far it’s been a real struggle to get her to rest. 😂 That’s Bella in a nutshell. The very definition of FOMO (fear of missing out). She’s always been the last one to sleep, the first one up, the child who hated naps, didn’t want to leave but also didn’t want to go. She couldn’t fall asleep anywhere but her bed and occasionally the car seat (we had to take her toddler mattress with her when we went to Colorado years ago). She thrives on routine and consistency (man that’s an old post, just went down memory lane) to the point where schedule disruptions throw her off for days.

It’s fun to watch their differences. Char is an amazing napper and, like I said in my other post, will sleep 6pm-8am. She’ll willingly head up the stairs when I say it’s time for nap or bed, and loves to go “bye byes in the car”.

However, Bella was and is a lot more independent. She’s always loved to play by herself for long periods of time, to draw and create things for hours, sit and watch bugs. Char is still pretty young so it might change, but for now she’s pretty into being with someone all the time. Bella disliked making messes – especially with food. Char discovered food makes a great weapon when she’s angry and chucks her bowl and spoon at whoever is closest while smearing her hands on her tray as fast as she can to fling the rest of it off.

Bella didn’t chatter much and I remember we even started Baby Signing time around the age Char is now because her pediatrician suggested it before he’d recommend speech therapy (it helped!). When she did talk, it was little bits at a time and she loved to babble to herself. Char has made up her own language filled with words she knows. “DADDY,” she’ll holler from across the room, “TEE BA DA SHA BA DA NO. GO LAY DOWN NOW.” Which is her favorite thing to say to everyone and all the pets.

One other funny difference – that’s happening now – is when they sleep. I could go in Char’s room and grab something, she might or might not wake up, and if she did, I’d lay her back down with a pat and say, “Sleepy” and she’d go out. Bella is also asleep at the moment. Her door is shut. A white noise is on. I have to tiptoe past her room still and around the creak in the floor, and I couldn’t go in her room in any way. If I even turned the doorknob she’d be up in a moment and ready to go.

But as different as they are in many areas, they love each other fiercely. It’s been one of the best things in my life to watch their relationship grow and their bond strengthened.

And she's off to 2nd grade! 📚✏️✂️

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  • Erin (thismommywrites)

    August 22, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    It is the same way with my two girls! One was an amazing sleeper, one sucked…one ate everything, one hated everything… my older one obsessed wth dinosaurs and Diego and my younger one loved Dora. But then at 5 and 9 they found common ground with princesses and fairies and love of books! It will be fun to see how your two bond as Char gets a little older!!

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