5 Weeks In 

October 19, 2017

It’s 7:15am. I’m writing this in bed from my phone. Listening to the clink of Bella’s spoon against her bowl as she eats breakfast downstairs. She can make her own now. That’s both a wonderful thing and a bit of a wistful feeling for me. 

Today is like any other lately. I’ll get up in a minute. Do some yoga unless Char is already up. Pop in my contacts. Head to her room and listen to her little voice babble all kinds of important things to me as I open the curtains, pull her from the crib while giving her a squeeze, and change her diaper. Then downstairs to have breakfast and pack Bella’s lunch for school. 

Things have been both simple and crazy with Sam gone – almost 5 weeks now. Our routine is the simple part. It’s built around Bella’s school hours and Char’s nap – park and meals and playtime thrown in there. The crazy part is just remembering everything I have to do and trying to keep it all going. Trying to keep myself going too. We’ve had sickness, field trips, water leaks, weather changes, my schoolwork, and last minute issues that always pop up in life. It’s just a bit more of a curveball when it’s just one of us handling it. 

Sam comes home this weekend for a visit. I’m so excited to see him. So are the girls. We were able to about 3 weeks ago when we went to meet my sister halfway and bring her and my niece back with us for a while. But it was just a few hours of visiting with him. 

We’re doing it though. All of us. We’re making this work for as long as it has to and so far we’re doing pretty good. If you’re a single parent reading this – I know you just hear this all the time and roll your eyes but honestly – I don’t know how you do it. You all are amazing. If I threw a full time job in my life right now I’d probably crawl in a hole and cry. Even a small taste in a partial way of this reminds me of how much you all must juggle. 

Char is up. We’re off to start the day. I plan on writing later today about the road trip with my sister down here. It was something we’ll never ever forget. For many reasons. One being that we ran out of gas 45 minutes in either direction from a town. With three kids in the car. 

Good times. 😂

Happy Thursday everyone! 


  • Paula Blose

    October 20, 2017 at 5:10 am

    We do what we have to. Just like you are doing.

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