• On the Go with Chobani Flip

    September 7, 2015

    Sam got us hooked on Chobani yogurts a few years ago. He loves any kind of Greek yogurt, and Chobani’s were perfect for him to take to work as breakfast or part of lunch. We have anywhere from 5-10 in our fridge at all times, in all different flavors. I knew when Chobani came out…

  • TurboTax Absolute Zero

    Let’s Do Our Taxes – for Absolute(ly) Zero

    February 4, 2015

    Maybe it’s just me – but most years, I actually don’t mind tax time. I sort of look forward to seeing our year laid out in a neat little format. Every year since 2006, I’ve used TurboTax. It’s cheaper than an accountant, faster than sending them in, and allows me to see how this all…

  • Swiffer Sweep & Trap Review

    Swiffer Sweep & Trap: For Big and Small Life Messes

    February 28, 2014

      Last fall, we moved to a home with almost all tile on the floors. I wasn’t sure how this would work at first, being a lover of my vacuuming and seeing those darling lines on the carpet. ::nerd alert:: In the ¬†months that have passed, we’ve grown to love having tile more than carpet.…

  • How Our Kia Made Moving to El Paso Easier

    July 30, 2013

    When Bella was 18 months old, Sam received his military orders to move to El Paso, TX. At the time we had a small truck to help us move, along with everything we needed to live until our stuff was delivered, 4 cats, and a rat. While Sam took some, the rest was piled like…

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