• The Careful Art of Cleaning Your Child

    February 1, 2011

    Every meal or snack time begets the same panic mode for a parent. There is a mess similar to the aftermath of a nuclear bomb that your child has managed to cause with the things she didn’t want: water, a bowl, 2 grapes and some cheese. There is an art to the process of cleaning your child. By age…

  • When a man…loads a dishwasher

    June 12, 2010

    The title should be read in the tune of “When a man loves a woman.” Just helping you out here. I’ve just got this thing for how a dishwasher should be loaded. Really. Call me crazy (and you might by the end of this post) but to me, there is a certain way a dishwasher should look…

  • Our house showed and I took a walk in my pajamas

    April 19, 2010

    That’s right – my morning was insane. I’m in bed with Bella at 10:15am because (surprise!) she had a rough night. The phone rings and I see it’s our realtor, and I figure she’s wanting to know if she can come take pics of the inside of our home today. Only it’s one of the…

  • Clean: adj. meaning – free from dirt or impurities

    March 29, 2010

    What is so hard to understand about the definition of the word “clean”? Does clean mean after you’re done, there are still crumbs on the floor and counters, dirty knives on the dirty cutting board, dishes on the table, food not put away, the milk jug left out and some type of sticky substance on…

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