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  • This Morning = Fail

    December 16, 2011

    I feel all kinds of ranty this morning. After lifting my recycling bin (huge) over the car (couldn’t find the keys) in the garage trying to get it to the curb in time, then having it drop 5 feet onto the driveway while a kid waiting for the school bus smirked at me, I’m in…

  • When What You’re Doing As A Parent Just Isn’t Working

    September 1, 2011

    Yesterday was a pretty awful day. For both Bella and I. 6:30am I got woken up. Then came the meltdowns. She is teething something fierce. So hours of the day are spent whining for nothing. “Plee? Plee? Pleedada?” (all one word as Sam taught her to say please and that’s how she understands it) This…

  • I snapped.

    March 4, 2011

    I had an emotionally exhausting day. It was just one thing after another – little things, big things, stupid things – and all these compounded until I felt like I was going to lose my sanity. I simply couldn’t take one more bit of stress. I’m at the stove cooking, Sam’s feeding Bella. I’m trying…

  • Barfing – no please.

    October 20, 2010

    Monday morning, around 4, I woke up and thought I was dying. Or giving birth to a chest burster from Alien. Does that thing have silver teeth? Weird. Anyway, after realizing I was not dying, I found that I had to puke. Badly. Now I know no one likes barfing, but I hate it. I…

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