• I’ve never told a soul, but I should have.

    March 9, 2010

         This is a post that has been really hard for me to write. For a few different reasons.     – My family knows about and reads this blog. As do many of my friends. But no one knows about what I’m going to share today.    – It’s very personal and still a little embarrassing to…

  • Well, we know who won’t grow up to be a model.

    January 10, 2010

        She hates the camera. Yes, it looks like I’m laughing at her, but I was actually using my happy voice to calm her down and to see the flashing light on the camera. She loves flashing lights. And shiny things. So does her Daddy, come to think of it. So that’s why he isn’t allowed…

  • See what we have to resort to?

    January 8, 2010

        Ah, the things we do for peace and quiet. Round and round we go. The cats are hiding in complete terror of the foreign beast that paces through their home.

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