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  • The Piece of Me I Let Go

    November 21, 2022

    Picture of me in Rwanda on a safari, 2022 I stopped blogging because I couldn’t write about it all anymore. There was too much. I was too overwhelmed. Bella was too old. Everything felt too broken. My blog started as something about me, as a mama floundering through sleepless nights, rough pregnancies, and then unimaginable…

  • Guess What? {TTC update & an italic overload}

    January 17, 2012

    So you all know we’re TTC with the FAM method (charting/temping). Since Dec. 8th I’ve hunkered down and started charting for reals. And this past week I’ve been: exhausted achy bloated hungry ravenous having to pee all the time gassy (that’s just plain delightful to Sam – payback honey) irritable breaking out like I’m 15…

  • Kicking Depressions Butt. One Badge at a Time.

    January 13, 2012

    Depression and anxiety are often taboo subjects. Sometimes a person like Katherine Stone from Postpartum Progress comes along and blows the stigma of it away – like she did with PPA/PPD. The effect she’s had on that community is amazing. When I realized I had anxiety, I looked for a community that was that open, that bold…

  • The importance of girlfriends.

    December 15, 2011

    One night during BlogHer’11 I went out to dinner with a bunch of women I’d “known” through their blogs and Twitter, and some on FB, for nearly 2 years. I was excited to be there, but the magnitude of it really didn’t hit me until halfway through. I looked around, saw the laughter, the intimate…

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